Entrepreneurs are Among the Sickest People in the World

Are you one of many enslaved by your business, trading your health and wellness for entrepreneurial growth? What can you do about it if you are?

Here’s a typical scenario: The alarm starts bleating, and you roll over to press the snooze button, thinking: “Arrgh, if I could just get another hour of sleep!”

But no: the show must go on. There’s simply no chance of taking your foot off the gas. In all honesty, it’s been like that for years, hasn’t it? The demands and deadlines never seem to let up...

This unrelenting churning of ‘never enough hours in the day’ is taking its toll on the health of entrepreneurs across the world.

Bountiful research exists which highlights the most common health-related factors affecting entrepreneurs, and the statistics are serious.

From depression, substance abuse and sleep deprivation to prolonged periods of anxiety and stress.

Dr Kevin Lentin, an International Functional Wellness Coach, Speaker and Chiropractor, has this to add: “I believe these are the reasons we are seeing rising rates of heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s and other neuro-degenerative ailments around the world.”

Entrepreneurs tend to put all their time and energy into their businesses, with little emphasis on themselves. We’re indoctrinated to think that ‘health is the absence of disease’, which is simply incorrect. Commonly, entrepreneurs delay focusing on their health until it’s too late. Illness usually incubates in our bodies for years, frequently presenting numerous mild signs before it ultimately results in a serious diagnosis.

Wouldn’t it be better to wake up every day feeling bright eye’d and bushy tailed, ready to take on any challenge with confidence, energy and motivation? To feel clear and focused every day?

Successful businesses need their owners firing on all cylinders! Dr Lentin helps people from all walks of life through his unique TRIAD of Health Model, and his Mentorship packages were carefully designed for the overloaded business owner in particular.

Here are 5 Fundamental Lifestyle Interventions that Dr Kevin suggests all entrepreneurs integrate into their daily routines:

1. Nutrient-rich foods: Clean, organic protein like grass-fed meat, free range chicken and fresh fish. Vegetarians need to ensure they’re getting sufficient plant-based protein. 50% of your plate should be comprised of vegetables, salads and legumes. Keep complex carbs to only around 25% of your plate.

2. Exercise: Three times a week for 30 minutes, minimum.

3. Sleep: 7-8 hours a night is essential - sleep is critical for optimum function of all your body’s systems.

4. Mindfulness: Choose a few mindfulness techniques to help manage stress and anxiety levels.

5. Meditation: A powerful tool to down regulate the body’s innate stress response and boost your immune system.

Functional Wellness focuses on all three key systems within every individual: the Biochemical and Nutritional arm, the Psycho-Emotional arm, and the Physiological/Structural arm. No two humans are the same, so a personalized lifestyle set of practices and tools are tailored to the individual’s specific needs with the purpose of revitalizing optimum health, happiness and terrificness.

Contact Dr Kevin Lentin:

T: +27 83 250 7999

W: www.DrKevinLentin.life

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